• Do you get freezes when quitting your RUDL apps?  By freezes I mean that Ruby exits fine (I checked in the debugger) but there's an atexit method related to pthreads that the process hangs on.

    I've traced the problem to some pthread-related 'atexit' methods... I think SDL is doing something funny Ruby doesn't like.

    The tcltk ext README.1st file says:
    *** ATTENTION ***
    When your Tcl/Tk libraries are compiled with "pthread support",
    Ruby/Tk may cause "Hang-up" or "Segmentation Fault" frequently.
    If you have such a trouble, please try to use the '--enable-pthread'
    option of the 'configure' command and re-compile Ruby sources.
    It may help you to avoid this trouble.

    Guess what?  The '--enable-pthread' flag stopped the end-of-execution hang-ups!

    I feel a new README entry coming up :-)

    • It's bug nr. 810138 - it was there from the beginning...

    • Renne Nissinen
      Renne Nissinen

      Thanks for the workaround. We've been aware of this problem, but we didn't know of a solution that doesn't include removing some RUDL functionality (such as sound).

    • Actually, the zSnes emulator suffers from some SDL related crashes that seem to go away when sound is disabled too... seems to be a SDL design feature (using threads for everything) that makes this a recurring problem for some projects.