#10 rudel-subscribe syncing never completing

Version 0.2
Jan Moringen
Micah Anderson

I'm connecting to a remote gobby session 4000 miles away, across the Atlantic Ocean. I can join the session fine (there is no password to this gobby server, so when I am asked for the Global password, I just hit enter, I provide my own user password though). When I subscribe to a document, I am able to see all the possible documents fine, but when I choose one I see in the mini-buffer: Subscribing (document-synching) [ -O--] and the Knight Rider style progress indicator goes back and forth, a *Warning* buffer pops up with the following message:

Warning (emacs): #<rudel-obby-client-state-document-synching document-synching remaining: 15772>: no method (rudel-dispatch-error: no-method-for-object): `rudel-obby/obby_document/:subscribe'; arguments: (12)

It continues in this state until I interrupt it, it never is properly able to connect.

Interestingly, I am able to connect to a different obby server that is 2,400 miles away and I have no problems (this one does not cross an ocean).


  • Jan Moringen
    Jan Moringen

    Thank you for the bug report. It would be very helpful if you could provide some details like the Rudel version you are using, the contents of the remote document (if that is not confidential) and maybe the gnutls version you are using. If your document is confidential, answers to the following questions may suffice: does the document contain multi-byte characters? Does the document contain lines starting with "- "?

    From the current evidence I can conclude the following. Your client successfully requests to be subscribed to the document. Maybe some content is received, but definitely less than the server announced (that's the "remaining: 15772" part). If 15772 is the size of the document, no content is received at all. Finally the client receives a "subscribe" message which indicates that the is done with transmitting the document contents.

    A similar problem was caused by Rudel incorrectly communicating with the gnutls-cli program and not processing some data sent by the server. That issue was discussed on the mailing in a thread named "sync_chunk bug".

  • Jan Moringen
    Jan Moringen

    • milestone: --> Version 0.2
    • priority: 5 --> 8
    • assigned_to: nobody --> scymtym
  • Hi, thanks for the quick response. I'm sorry i did not provide more useful details in my original report. I will include them here, and will happily provide more if you need them.

    I'm using rudel svn revision r246. I'm using gnutls-bin from Debian unstable version 2.8.4-1, with libgnutls26 version 2.8.4-1, unfortunately I can't provide the document contents, however I can see if I can answer your questions properly. It definately contains a number of lines that start with '-'. The byte size of the document has changed since the original report, but if I replicate this I now get the same thing but the error reports: 17094. If I look at the byte-size of the document is. I can copy the entire text, then paste it into a text file and then look at the size of that file, which shows me that is '73075'. If I open that file and go to byte-position 15772 I find myself at this line (which is fine to send on):

    ** good question. if a page goes back to normal, its a useful record to see that it was flagged and vetted, so it makes sense that its in the vetted section. so once a page is flagged the post-flagged normal state is vetted - i think.

    specifically on the first 'g' in 'post-flagged' is where byte-position 15772 is...

    You also asked if the document contains multi-byte characters, again I am not sure how to tell in the GUI gobby client, but if I do a linux 'file' operation on the version that I copy and pasted, it tells me:

    /tmp/gobby_document: UTF-8 Unicode English text, with very long lines

    I also tried using the gobby UI to 'save' the file, it resulted in the same byte-sized file as well as the same details from 'file'.

    An interesting new discovery here is that it seems like I actually *was* subscribed to the file, as I can switch buffers to that particular file that I subscribed to, and it is there, along with the different colors for the different users. Its not the complete file, but if I try to add data to the end of the buffer I have, it appears on the other subscribed user's gobby sessions, although partway down the file, not at the end.

  • Jan Moringen
    Jan Moringen

    Thank you for the detailed description. Unfortunately, it does not give a clear indication of any particular known problem.

    My best guess still would be something going wrong with gnutls-cli. There have been some changes in the gnutls-cli handling code after the revision you used. Could you try the latest svn version?

    The general problem with lines starting with "- " or "** " was discussed on the mailing list in the "sync_chunk bug" thread.