Hey everyone,

- RDT is still distributed separately and will continue to be. You can grab nightly releases from the nightly update site ( http://updatesite.rubypeople.org/nightly), as you have always been able to. We haven't had a formal release in a long time, but we're planning to push RDT 1.0 at the same time the Aptana/RadRails stuff goes to 1.0 (which right now looks like it'll be in the next couple months). Looking forward once we finally get all the infrastructure set up, we'll likely be coordinating RDT and RadRails releases to coincide.
- http://updatesite.rubypeople.org/nightly for nightly builds. The release and integration streams should stay the same too. Future zip versions should be on sourceforge (though that may move to Aptana too).
- The best place to report issues or talk about RDT right now is probably the RadRails forums at Aptana. I know it's not RadRails, but to me they fall into the same bucket (and most RadRails issues boil down to RDT code in some way).



On 9/18/07, Graham Miller < gmiller@marketcetera.com> wrote:
Hey Chris and others,
We were just hoping to get a quick update on RDT.  Specifically, we were looking for some answers to the following:

 * Is RDT still being distributed as a separate product from Aptana?
 * If so where and when can we look for new release builds?
 * Is this still the place to discuss RDT development?



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