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[r2519] by kimuraw

Fix wrong namespace of test classes

class NewClass < OSX::NSObject
obj = # OK
obj = # should be an error

2014-02-01 13:28:20 Tree
[r2518] by kimuraw

Fix test failure with ruby-2.0 or later

fix failure TC_NSDictionary#test_fetch_error with ruby-2.[01].
Hash#fetch possible raises KeyError on ruby-1.9 or later, not IndexError.

2014-02-01 11:23:44 Tree
[r2517] by kimuraw

Add OSX::NSNumber#to_int

add missing method #to_int to OSX::NSNumber.

2014-02-01 11:23:40 Tree
[r2516] by kimuraw

Refactaring pseudo-openclass of Objective-C classes

this feature is enabled only with ruby-1.8.
on ruby-2.0 or later, RubyCocoa should call ns_import automatically
at require_framework and initializing application.

2014-02-01 11:23:34 Tree
[r2515] by kimuraw

Use HAVE_RUBY_ST_H for ruby/st.h, not HAVE_RUBY_RUBY_H

2014-02-01 11:23:23 Tree
[r2514] by kimuraw

Delete deprecated method NSBehaviorAttachment#objc_export()

use objc_method() to define Objective-C methods to Ruby classes.

2013-12-06 15:41:38 Tree
[r2513] by kimuraw

Correct library name of error message

2013-12-06 15:36:49 Tree
[r2512] by kimuraw

Fix error with ruby-2.0

- tc_bool.rb: require path of .bundle to relative.
- tc_nsstring.rb: add magic comment for encoding.

2013-11-28 14:41:28 Tree
[r2511] by kimuraw

Remove unused instance variable @__imported_arity

2013-11-28 13:24:39 Tree
[r2510] by kimuraw

Remove code for ruby-1.8.4 or earlier

2013-11-28 13:13:50 Tree
[r2509] by kimuraw

Fix NoMethodError at NSBehaviorAttachment#ns_inherited with ruby-2.0

Return value of Module#name when the module name is undefined differs
from ruby-2.0 in ruby-1.8.

- 2.0 => nil
- 1.8 => ""

2013-11-27 14:45:05 Tree
[r2508] by kimuraw

Set release date of 1.1.0 to NEWS

2013-11-17 04:54:54 Tree
[r2507] by kimuraw

tagging 1.1.0

2013-11-17 01:23:55 Tree
[r2506] by kimuraw

Use src/doc

2013-11-17 01:23:32 Tree
[r2505] by kimuraw

Set version to 1.1.0

2013-11-17 01:20:20 Tree
[r2504] by kimuraw

Add docs generated with yardoc and headerdoc

2013-11-17 01:12:41 Tree
[r2503] by kimuraw

Change docs generate destination to doc/html/

2013-11-17 01:06:36 Tree
[r2502] by kimuraw

Remove unused documents

2013-11-17 01:06:31 Tree
[r2501] by kimuraw

Add website documents

2013-11-17 01:06:20 Tree
[r2500] by kimuraw

Fix syntax error of template/install_templates.rb with ruby-2.0

2013-11-16 13:49:27 Tree
[r2499] by kimuraw

Fix crash of sample/ when IMService.notificationCenter returns nil

2013-11-16 13:49:20 Tree
[r2498] by kimuraw

Fix build error of samples

2013-11-16 13:49:07 Tree
[r2497] by kimuraw

Delete build resources for Mac OS X 10.4

2013-11-16 12:08:04 Tree
[r2496] by kimuraw

Delete building libffi from misc/libffi

Mac OS X 10.6 or later, supported current version of RubyCocoa,
contains libffi as a part of OS X.

2013-11-16 12:03:29 Tree
[r2495] by kimuraw

Suppress warning return type of init_cls_ObjcPtr() and init_mdl_OCObjWrapper()

2013-11-16 12:03:22 Tree
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