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Ruby-GNOME2-0.2, rbbr-0.2

This is the second release of Ruby-GNOME2.
Many new classes/methods are added, and fixed some bugs.

Important notes:
* Ruby/GTK:
- Removed Gdk::Bitmap. Use Gdk::Pixmap(depth=1) instead.
- Requires Ruby/GdkPixbuf.
* Ruby/GNOME:
- Removed Bonobo codes
(Move to Ruby/Bonobo - They are not included this release)
* Ruby/Libglade:
- Added ruby-glade-create-template
(Create .rb from .glade)
* rbbr
- Add Stock Item and Icon browser.
- Follow Ruby-GNOME2 changes.
This version workes under Ruby-GNOME2-0.2.

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-12-28

Ruby-GNOME2 Project Website renewal

* Front page was renewed.
* Added Ruby/GTK2 Tutorial.
* Added link to Ruby-GNOME2 API documentation Project.

Are you interested in? Please help us!

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-12-16

Ruby-GNOME2-0.1 is out!

Ruby-GNOME2-0.1 is now available.

Ruby-GNOME2 is a set of Ruby language bindings for
the GNOME 2.0 development environment.

Supported libraries are:

- Ruby/GLib2
- Ruby/GTK2
- Ruby/GdkPixbuf2
- Ruby/GNOME2
- Ruby/GnomeCanvas2
- Ruby/Libart2
- Ruby/Libglade2
- Ruby/GConf2


-------- read more

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-11-23

Ruby-GNOME2-0.1pre1 is now available!

I'll test this release for a week, then release 0.1 if I have no troubles.

Please try it and report your problems.

In this release, gnomecanvas can't be installed by whole 'make'.
All of the libs are installed by root 'make' program.
But only gnomecanvas/src/lib/gnomecanvas can't be installed.

Work arround:
you can install gnomecanvas itself only as follows:... read more

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-11-15

rbbr for Ruby/GTK2 is now available on CVS!

I'd like to say this is very important news
because this is the first application for
Ruby/GTK2, and proved Ruby/GTK2 has already worked fine.

* What's rbbr?
rbbr (RuBy BRowser) is an application to browse
modules/classes hierarchy and their constants, methods,
properties and signals. If the optionally modules to
refer documents are installed, you can also refer the
document of methods in the browser.... read more

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-10-13

naming/conversion rule, How-To

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-09-16

gtk2 binaries on cygwin

Sakai-san made binaries of gtk2 on cygwin.

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-09-16

Project website is now available

Posted by Masao Mutoh 2002-09-16