> So basically, I have a Gtk::Dialog, that used to have a method "window()" and
> now it doesn't. How do I get at that object now? I'm sure I'm just overlooking
> something, just still new to this.

Could you show a script that reproduces your problem?

Yes, luckily there are two  in the current ruby-gnome2 distro! Both in the gtk2 package

<ruby-gnome2 source>/gtk2/sample/misc/cursor.rb

<ruby-gnome2 source>/gtk2/sample/misc/xbm_cursor.rb

Here is what is in cursor.rb(see end of email for cut and paste of it). The error message is.

 cursor.rb:25:in `block in <main>': undefined method `window' for #<Gtk::Window:0xa791f44 ptr=0xa7ad800> Line 25 is the window.window.set_cursor(Gdk::Cursor.new(cursor)) line

Reviewing the git repo, the window method was removed from rbgtkwidget.c on a commit on Sep 9, 2011.

--begin cursor.rb--

require 'gtk2'

window = Gtk::Window.new("Gdk::Cursor sample")

button = Gtk::Button.new("Click!")
button.use_underline = false

cursors = Gdk::Cursor::Type.values - [Gdk::Cursor::CURSOR_IS_PIXMAP]

cnt = 0
button.signal_connect('clicked') do
  cursor = cursors[cnt]
p cursor.inspect
  cnt += 1
  cnt = 0 if cnt == cursors.size