On Tue, Mar 1, 2011 at 12:04 PM, Vincent Carmona <vinc4mai@gmail.com> wrote:
2011/3/1 hendra kusuma <penguinroad@gmail.com>:
> OK, here it is
> the empty window
> please see attachment
> if you find something wrong please correct me
> for most of code there created by my own code generator
> that was made without firm understanding of GTK

As I said use
Gtk::Window#signal_connect("delete_event") {Gtk::Window#position}
and not
Gtk::Window#signal_connect("destroy") {Gtk::Window#position}

Calling methods on a destroyed object is not a good idea.

The code beneath should work.

w.signal_connect("delete_event") {w.position; false}
w.signal_connect("destroy") {Gtk.main_quit}

Wow, It really works
Thanks Vincent
I'll be sure to add this to my code generator so I won't forget next time

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