2009/10/20 Guillaume Cottenceau <gcottenc@gmail.com>

Using my "booh-classifier" program, a rather severe memory leak is
exhibited on 64-bit architecture (both debian and mandriva, with
versions for example ruby-1.8.7-9p174 and ruby-gtk2-0.19.2) but not on
32-bit architecture.

Do you have any pointer where booh-classifier might be leaking ?

And how to check if it leaks memory ?
I've tried to write a small test program, and in it the memory leak
doesn't exhibit.

At that point, I'm looking for advices as to what would be the best
approach to track down this issue (what tools would make it easy to
track/spot or reproduce with a small program)?

Sorry, I never had to track down a memory leak.


Simon Arnaud