Detlef Reichl wrote:
Am Sonntag, den 28.01.2007, 18:12 +0200 schrieb Dobai-Pataky Bálint:

but please enlighten me, what was your invention besides inverting the 
color of the rectangle and not drawing one with a defined color? would 
you provide an example where the border is red please?

If you want to use a special colour for drawing, you also have to
specify the background colour of your drawable. Else if the user has a
theme in use, where the background is red you wouldn't see your
rectangle at all.
i can't imagine someone using a red background :)
but you're perfectly right
i asked the list how could i change the background color of the drawing, but got no answer, and decided not to paint it by lines.
i wanted to paint it to white, to emulate the paper.
and please consider my previous script, not the one using the expose 
event. i just tried that way, as Kou suggested.

>From my point of view using queue_draw_area is unnecessary complicated
for this case. You have to invalidate all the areas where your rectangle
moves over while dragging. If you use a very complex layout with many
widgets on them it may make sense.
agreed totally.

thanks for your answers