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AP Rebooting

  • Hello,

    i´m using Wive 0.6.0 rev_a on a Edimax 7209APG, seems working fine but, radio is rebooting after 2~3 min of uptime...

    i cant see the error messages...

    • Schlot

      Does the entire AP reboot, or is it only the WiFi?


      cat /proc/uptime

      to figure out, if the AP has rebooted, otherwise it is the wifi interface. Then you should activate syslog, type:


      and when the problem occured, read /var/log/messages to see what was going on there.

      • reboot.. ap freeze... then after 10 seconds +-.. reboot...

        i can´t see erros because its freeze.. and reboot..

        config os this radio is,
        mode: Infra Client
        web 128bits

        Bridge with eth0+eth1 with on br0

        wlan with0 with ip
        one iptables rule to masquerade all traffic outgoing via wlan0..

        httpd and telnet removed from inetd.conf to free mor ram ..
        cron not started too to free memory..


        firmware tha i run this is for edimax (found in folder edimax) and REV A !!


    • cron not started too to free memory..  <-- Anyway you need some reeplacement for that because a rule of cron is to periodically notice the watchdog. If you don't send a request to the watch dog your AP will reboot. That is just what is happening now.
      Make a script what sleep 40 seconds (or more because you said that your AP rebooted after 2 minutes) and send a request to /proc/user_watchdog.

      file: watchdog_carer

      while (1); do
      cat /proc/user_watchdog > /dev/null
      sleep 40

      And run it at init in background.


      PD: If I'm in mistake may be a problem related in modules in the kernel.