• Markus Gothe
    Markus Gothe

    Since, my linux computer with the RTL8180 is on service and I've been pretty stressed, I've not done any improvements to the driver... However I'll have some spare time the coming months and since my laptop runs FreeBSD I thought of porting the driver... Is this a genereally good idea? Pro and Cons, anybody!

    • Albert Lee
      Albert Lee

      If you have experience writing drivers, there's definitely nothing bad about bringing RTL8180 support to another OS (someone I know has a FreeBSD laptop with the same chip). However, note that NetBSD already has a driver for the RTL8180 called rtw (some parts of Andrea's driver are based on it); it may be easier to work from that. Since both drivers may still be under development, you'll have to make sure your driver port keeps being updated.