#3 DOS command line with Windows XP


I work on Windows XP. I have written a scientific paper with MS-Word + MathType, but the journal requires a LaTeX file for submission. So I have first converted the doc file into rtf with Word. Then I have opened the DOS command line and typed: [path to rtf2latex.exe] [no options for the time being] [path to the rtf file], e.g. C:\Program Files\rtf2latex2e\rtf2latex.exe myfile.rtf. (NB: I have placed the rtf file in the same directory as rtf2latex.exe).
It does not work, but the DOS window displays a series of comments I do not understand as they seem to refer to UNIX-type file locations. It is said at the end "don't hate me". I don't, but I would be grateful for help.


  • Problem solved. Put the file rtf2latex.exe in a directory C:\program files\rtf2latex, copy all the files of directory pref in a directory C:\program files\rtf2latex\share\rtf2latex2e, then type the following in the command line of windows XP: "C:\Program Files\rtf2latex\rtf2latex.exe [options]" "C:\path to the file to be converted\file name.rtf". The converted file has the extension .ltx and not .tex, it is in the same directorate as the .rtf file. MS-Word text is well converted, but complex equations in Math Type are not.



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