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Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here's what's new in
- Added x86 assembler syntax highlighting.
- Added a new "Document Properties" option in the View menu. This item brings up a dialog with summary statistics for the file (line and character count, file size, date modified, etc.). From this dialog you can also change the file's encoding and line terminator (CR, LF, or CR/LF). This feature can be handy, for example, when saving a file to a UNIX file system from a Windows terminal (you won't get all of those nasty ^M's ;-) ).
- Added a new shortcut: Ctrl+J now joins the current line with the next one. This action is also found in the Edit menu.
- Made the "current working directory" (i.e., the directory in which all "Untitled.txt" files are placed) configurable. This option is found under a new Option dialog panel titled "General". This property is remembered between RText sessions.
- You can now toggle whether the file chooser's auto-complete list pops up while you are typing a filename into it. You can toggle this property from the File Chooser option panel in the Options dialog. This property was added because Java's file I/O operations tend to be slow over networks, and I didn't want this nice feature to be a bottleneck in those situations.
- Decreased memory footprint by being a little bit smarter about what resource bundles I load when.
- Fixed a bug in C, C++, Java, and C# syntax highlighting where strings with multiple escaped double-quote characters weren't colorized correctly.
- Fixed a bug where opening a file from the File History in the File menu made the assumption that the file was ASCII. RText now attempts to read a BOM at the beginning of a file before opening it this way; if one is found, it is opened as the proper Unicode encoding; otherwise, ASCII is used.
- Fixed a bug that prevented shortcuts from being configurable in the Options dialog (pressing "Apply" simply didn't do anything because a NullPointerException was thrown).

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-12-14

Unix install package not downloading correctly

It seems that even though the file is named "rtext_0.8.9.5_unix_bin.tar.gz" on SourceForge, when I download it I get "rtext_0.8.9.5_unix_bin.tar.tar". If you change the last "tar" to "gz" though, you'll see that the file is indeed intact, it's just been named incorrectly. I think this is a SourceForge problem, as I did NOT upload the file as ".tar.tar". Oh well...... read more

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-12-05

Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here's what's new in

- You can now use different fonts for each individual token type! Although I find doing it distracting, others may like it. As a side-effect, the "Font" menu item in the Format menu has been removed; the font used for plain text files is configurable in the Syntax Highlighting option panel under "Plain Text/Identifier".
- Added the ability to make the edges of selections rounded. This is configurable from the Options dialog.
- A couple of minor fixes to some syntax highlighting lexers.
- Fixed a bug where if you opened the same file twice (i.e., had "file.txt (1)" and "file.txt (2)"), and did a "Save As..." to save one of them with a new filename, the number for the other document(s) weren't changed/removed.
- Fixed a bug in RTextArea's replaceRange() method that made certain text insertions require two undos to completely "undo."
- Fixed a big bug that prevented the caret from being repositioned properly sometimes when word wrap was enabled.
- Fixed a bug that made the combo boxes in the Find and Replace dialogs too wide if you entered a string into them longer than their preferred width.
- You can now change the status bar's style in the Options dialog. The current choices are "Windows 98-style" and "Windows XP-style." This property is remembered between sessions.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-12-04

Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here is the list of changes in
- Redid the syntax highlighting code for C, C++, Java, and C#. These syntax styles are now over 33% faster, and are more intelligent. Some changes in their behavior include:
- Java: Redone to completely follow the language specification in "The Java Language Reference" (O'Reilly, Mark Grand, 1997).
- Identifiers can now have unicode escapes (e.g. "\u003D") in them and not be colored as errors.
- All char literals are correctly identified as well-formed or errors (including valid escape sequences, octal chars ('\377'), and Unicode escapes ('\u54F7')).
- String literals are now colored as invalid if they contain invalid escape sequences (such as "foo\899bar").
- HTML tags in Javadoc comments are now recognized as such and highlighted.
- C/C++:
- Strings and char literals recognize trigraphs, simple escapes, octal escapes and hex escapes. They will be painted as invalid tokens if an invalid escape is contained in them.
- C#:
- Redone to completely follow the language specification found at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/csspec/html/vclrfcsharpspec_C.asp
- Strings and char literals recognize simple escapes, hexadecimal escapes and unicode escapes. They will be painted as invalid tokens if an invalid escape is contained in them.
- Verbatim strings are recognized and painted correctly.
- Documentation comments "/// <...>" are identified and painted as such. HTML tags inside of them (such as "<summary>") are highlighted as well.
- These enhancements were made possibly by JFlex (http://www.jflex.de). Thanks also go out to http://www.ostermiller.org/syntax for many ideas, inspiration, and test cases.
- Made line numbering code more efficient. There should be a slight performance boost because of this. - TEST ME.
- Added "Mark All" functionality to the find and replace dialogs. The color used for "mark all" can be toggled in the Options dialog and is remembered between RText sessions.
- Made find, replace, and replace all actions more memory efficient.
- Fixed a bug where an NPE was thrown if you tried to bring up the file chooser, but its working directory was removed out from under it (1069094).
- Fixed a bug where if you saved a read-only file with a new filename, the newly-created file was assumed to be read-only (even though it isn't) (1069102).
- Fixed a bug where drag-and-drop FROM a text area in RText (not into) was accidentally disabled in
- Minor tweaks to the syntax highlighting code (made it more extendable, etc.).

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-11-20

Version Now Available

RText is a customizable programmer's text editor written in Java. Some of its features include: syntax highlighting, editing multiple documents at once, printing and print preview, find/replace/find in files dialogs, undo/redo, and online help.

Here is a list of the many new features and bug fixes in this release:

- RText now uses token styles (bold, italics) in word wrap mode!
- Added JavaScript syntax highlighting, both for *.js files and inside "<script>"/"</script>" tag pairs when highlighting HTML. This is configurable in the "File Filters" option panel.
- Enhanced Java syntax highlighting as follows:
- Javadoc metadata tags (@author, @version, etc.), are now highlighted.
- Annotations are highlighted (JDK 5.0 addition)
- Now colorizes Unicode char literals (e.g. '\u0003') as chars. Before this release, such tokens were colored as errors.
- Added the ability to toggle viewing whitespace. This is remembered between RText sessions.
- Added menu items/actions to block-indent the current line/all selected lines (Alt+left arrow, Alt+right arrow).
- Added menu items under the Edit menu to make the current selection upper-case, lower-case, or invert its case. These actions will be remembered in macros.
- Added a "Macro" option panel in the Options dialog. From here you can delete old macros you don't want/need anymore.
- Added a "File Chooser" option panel in the Options dialog. From here you can fully configure the file chooser.
- Added an option in the Options dialog to enable "smooth fonts" (i.e., antialiasing). This option is remembered between RText sessions.
- Fixed a bug in macros where the actions cut, copy, paste, and delete wouldn't be recorded in a macro.
- Modified the syntax-highlighting API to be more like that found in the javax.swing.text package.
- Added a custom cursor for when macros are being recorded.
- Enhanced the "file-system aware" text fields found in the file dialog and the find in files dialogs. You can now actually scroll their popup menus via the mouse, and use page-up/down to scroll through them pages at a time.
- Made the "Text Area" option panel into two separate panels, "Text Area" and "Syntax Highlighting". Note that some of the options in the "Syntax Highlighting" panel may appear to belong in the "Text Area" one, but these options panels actually reflect options for RTextArea and RSyntaxTextArea respectively; thus, options for each text area are on their respective panels. This unfortunately makes "Syntax Highlighting" an inaccurate option panel title.
- Simplified the insert/overwrite caret code in RTextArea.
- Made the Options dialog default to taking up much less screen real estate.
- Fixed a bug where you could insert a time/datestamp or change some text's case via menu options when editing a read-only document.
- Moved TimeDateAction from package org.fife.rtext to be a subclass in org.fife.ui.rtextarea.RTextAreaEditorKit.
- Extended the default file associations to include *.pm files as Perl files and *.manifest files as XML (for C#).
- Fixed up the Javadoc to build with no warnings.
- A few other small bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-11-06

Next release slow going, but still in the works...

Just a note to say that I am actively working on the next RText release, but the work is slow-going... life's been keeping me busy! But, will have many new features, including syntax styles working in word wrapped mode! I'm also almost completely redesigning the syntax highlighting code, so I'm hopefully not breaking anything...

Hopefully I'll have something new in a week or so!

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-10-22

Version Released!

I've finally gotten around to making a new release. There's lots of new stuff in this release! Here's a look at the changes:

- Added macro support. Recording a temporary macro stores it in memory, and every time you execute a macro after that (Ctrl+Shift+M), the temporary macro will play. If you record a non-temporary macro, you will be prompted for a name for it after you finish recording it. It can then be accessed via the Macros menu. Ctrl+Shift+M will always play back the last recorded/played macro, regardless of whether it was temporary or not. The next release should see a "Macro Manager" panel in the Options dialog, where you will be able to remove/rename macros. While recording a macro, the cursor currently changes to a crosshair cursor over text areas; a custom cursor will come with the next release.
- Made the File chooser automatically detect the encoding of files. Now, when you select a file, its encoding (one of ASCII, UTF-8, or one of the 16-bit Unicodes) will be selected as well.
- Added initial drag-and-drop support to the tabbed view. You can now drag tabs across the tabbed pane to sort the documents opened in it.
- Made the Options dialog resizable and spiced it up a tad.
- Changed all "Color buttons" so they now present a popup menu when clicked instaed of a JColorChooser. This popup has several common color "swatches" to choose from, as well as a menu item to bring up the color chooser. This feature should make it easier to change the various color properties in RText.
- Made the status bar look Windows XP-ish, and made the Find in Files dialog use an "official" StatusBar instead of its own homebrew version.
- Made the Help dialog into a JFrame so it can be minimized/put behind the main RText window, etc.
- Improved undo/redo while in overwrite mode.
- Fixed a benign NullPointerException from occuring when switching the view style from tabbed to any one of the others.
- Fixed bug: Case-insensitive languages such as HTML, Windows batch and SAS were being case-sensitive in their keyword identification. This is fixed.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-09-29

Release Now Available

Just a small maintenance release. Here's what's new:

- Enhanced the About dialog to contain some system information.
- Made the Replace dialog's layout a little nicer.
- Added mnemonics to Font dialog.
- Made yet more preparations for macro support (still not there yet).
- Enhanced auto-indent intelligence.
- Made pressing the Home key first go to the first non-whitespace character on the current line, then to the first position in the line (used to be the other way around; this new behavior matches that of other programming editors).

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-09-08

New Version Now Available!

Here's what's new in this release:

- Added "auto-indent" functionality to the text area. It simply remembers the whitespace at the beginning of the previous line and applies it to the new line when you press Enter. This is not yet configurable.
- Added a "Shortcuts" section to the Options dialog where you can change the shortcuts (accelerators) associated with the various menu items.
- Small optimizations to the syntax highlighting code.
- Added the following key mappings:
- Ctrl+Delete - Deletes the text from the caret position to the end of the current line.
- Made text area's input model more closely aligned with that of JTextArea.
- Fixed a bug in the XML syntax highlighting with multiline tags.
- Made the Print dialog contain the name of the file being printed as the "Job name."
- Added more mnemonics here and there.
- Began laying the foundation for macros.
- Added "RText" 3D text to the About dialog and splash screen image.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-09-02

Version Now Available!

RText version is now available. This version contains several buxfixes, and attempts to "flesh out" the *NIX install package. Here's what's new: (08/18/2003):
- Deleting from the longest line in no-line-wrap mode did not update the text area's horizontal scrollbar. This was fixed.
- Added XML syntax highlighting.
- RText now handles long lines better (it's a little smarter about clipping when painting, and it shows up when scrolling a document with long lines).
- Fixed a bug in the background rendering code when the background was set to an image that was introduced in
- HTML syntax highlighting sometimes broke down in due to the expanded syntax highlighting styles; this should be fixed now.
- Updated "Save a Copy as Web Page" to include the new syntax styles (bold, italic) in generated web pages.
- Fixed a focus bug when using the tabbed pane view with a 1.5 JRE.
- Made RTextAreas slightly more memory efficient.
- The "Window" menu visible in MDI view wasn't properly updated when the user changed Look and Feels. This was fixed.
- Although it would never affect RText, a bug in the RTextArea API was fixed where if the user right-clicked to bring up the popup menu, but no icons had been assigned to the popup menu, an exception was thrown and the popup wasn't shown. This was fixed, so now an RTextArea can show the popup menu with no icons.
- FindInFilesDialog quietly threw an exception when the user double-clicked in the match list if it was empty. Although it did no damage, it still got fixed.
- Updated RTextFileChooser and FindInFilesDialog's constructors to use SpringLayout in a couple of places, simplifying their initialization.
- Made the size grip friendlier toward *NIX systems that don't support java.awt.Robot. You now don't get a dialog box with the "not supported" error every time you start up RText.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-08-19

Version Now Available

Another small release. After went out I noticed that I had broken line numbering in word wrap mode, so I fixed that, and added a few more internal changes I've been meaning to make:

Changes in (08/11/2004):
- Changed all "file-system-aware" combo boxes into "file-system-aware" text fields. These new components simplify the code a little, but more importantly, they're a little more flexible for the user (i.e., you can now select the only item in a one-item dropdown list).
- Moved FindInFilesDialog into the more-apt org.fife.ui.search. Now any program can take advantage of the "find in files" features found in RText.
You interact with it via a new FindInFilesListener interface.
- Fixed a bug with file-system-aware combo boxes: they didn't draw their borders in most Look-and-Feels.
- Fixed a bug in line numbering code that sometimes kept the line numbers from being updated when the user inserted multiple lines.
- Line numbering was very goobered when word wrap was enabled in the last release, thanks to my tweaking with the painting code. This should be fixed now.
- Internationalized the Find in Files dialog (translations for English and Spanish locales, just like the rest of RText).
- Added mnemonics to the Find in Files dialog.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-08-11

Release Now Available!

The second of my mini-releases is now available. This release adds an exciting new feature: the ability to make individual syntax tokens have their own unique styles (bold, italic)! This feature is only currently working when line wrap is disabled; when line wrap is enabled, all token styles will be ignored (although syntax highlighting will still work).

Here's the official list of what's new:... read more

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-08-07

New Version Now Available!

I've recently been bitten by the programming bug, and have a lot of new ideas I'd like to incorporate into RText; I was going to wait and release a new version after all of this work was done, but I decided that may take awhile (I'll be busy with work, etc.), so I decided to have an incremental release or two. So, here's the first one! What's new:

- Did some refactoring so more of RText's widgets and tools were usable by
other applications.
- You can now set the background color of tokens, as well as the text
- Fixed an intermittent bug where the caret wouldn't properly change to
reflect the text mode (insert vs. overwrite).

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-07-31

Version Now Available

After almost a month of work, I'm finally ready to release a new RText. The main motivation for this release was the need for a better file chooser, as well as the ability to support file encodings. Here's what's new:

Version (07/19/2004):
- RText now uses its own custom file chooser for opening/saving files. I did this for several reasons, including:
- The new file chooser is more flexible than the standard Java one. For all Look and Feels, it includes list, details, and icons views, as well as a right-click popup menu allowing you to rename files, delete files, create new directories, and more.
- It knows what files are open, and displays open files with an underlined file name so you don't accidentally open the same file twice.
- It recognizes file types RText can syntax-highlight, and color-codes them so you can easily pick them out.
- I hate the Motif file chooser, and now I won't have to deal with it when I use RText on UNIX hosts.
Soon there will be a panel in the Options dialog allowing you to configure the file chooser.
- Added support for file encodings. RText can now open files with ANSI, UTF-8, or Unicode encoding. This is handled through the new file chooser.
- The source browser can now be made floatable in its own window, as well as docked to one side of the main RText window.
- Fixed a bug where the source browser didn't always destroy the spawned ctags process when an exception occured during its execution.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-07-20

New Version Now Available

This release fixed a couple of things I didn't like about the source browser. The changes include:

- Made the source browser refresh its contents when the current file is saved.
- Made source browser tree's nodes expand/contract in response to single-clicks.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-06-23

Version Now Available!

Lots of new stuff went into this version, so the version number went up a little more than usual ;-) Here's what's new in version

- Added a Source Browser component. This component requires you
to have Exhuberant Ctags installed on your machine
(http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctags). When the Source
Browser is enabled, an extra panel is visible in RText listing
all functions/variables, etc. found in the current document's
code code; clicking on an item in this panel takes you directly
to the item's definition. This component is configurable via
the Options dialog.
- Added a right-margin line. Useful for example if you want
to keep your document's lines to 80 characters or less. This
is configurable from the "Text Area" panel on the Options
- Coverted to use the Java Preferences API to remember your
configuration between sessions. This means that if you migrate
from a previous version of RText to, the first time you
start it back up, your options won't be remembered. After that
though, your options will be stored in the new location (OS-
dependant), and everything will work as it did before.
- Fixed a bug preventing a user from loading/saving files with
names containing the '$' character.
- Beefed up the Options dialog API. You now cannot enter invalid
file filters (you could trick it before), and on the whole, it
checks for invalid input better.
- Moved all "Tabs" options in Options dialog to the Text Area
panel, as they made more sense there than as their own separate
- Many smaller bux fixes.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-06-19

Version Now Available!

It took me a little longer than usual to get this release out, but nevertheless it's here! Here's what's new in

- Internationalized RText. You can now choose between English
and Spanisn as the language used by the RText GUI. Changes
will not be made until RText is stopped and restarted. New
languages can easily be added in the future; if you are
interested in translating RText to a new language, please
contact me (see the bottom of this file).
- Added bracket matching! You can change the colors used
to highlight matching brackets in the "Text Area" portion of
the Options dialog.
- Slightly optimized the Find algorithm when regular expressions
aren't being used.
- Optimized the Find in Files dialog. Searches should now be
much quicker (2-2.5x faster in most cases, from my tests).
- Fixed bug: Checking for file changes on disk would ask
multiple times for the same file if more than one file was
modified at the same time.
- Added "file-system-aware" combo box as Find in Files
dialog's "In Folder" combo. It tries to be smart and gives
you a list of all directories matching what you've typed
thus far.
- Added SAS syntax highlighting. May not be 100% accurate, as I'm
by no means a good SAS programmer. It also isn't smart enough to
recognize when tokens are in invalid locations (such as a proc name
is in the middle of a data step), so it will always color tokens
as it sees 'em. Please let me know if you see a bug in this
syntax highlighting scheme, and I'll be glad to fix it.
- Added SAS file filters to open/save dialogs.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-06-05

New Release Now Available!

This release contains many bug fixes, as well as many changes to make RText run correctly on OS X. Changes in version include:

- MANY updates to make RText run on Mac OS X. Special thanks
to Peter Wyss for making these changes and sharing his Mac
expertise ;-)
- Fixed bug: Lack of "forward" and "backward" images for the
Office2003 icon set made the Help dialog now show up when
these icons were used. This is now fixed.
- Fixed bug: When you switch to the MDI view from another
view, there is no active window.
- RText now checks for files being updated outside of the
editor. For example, if you have a file "foo.txt" open in
RText, then open "foo.txt" in another editor and save it,
RText will realize this and ask you whether or not you
want to reload the file.
- Fixed bug: The Read-only indicator was broken from when I
added the ability to change your view style. This is now
- Changed recent file list in the File menu to be its own
popup menu, allowing RText to remember many more files.
- Made the "Recent Files" submenu keep track of the files in
the order in which you opened them.
- Fixed bug: The "current line highlighter" when word wrap was
enabled was broken in I believe this is actually due
to a bug in Sun's JRE. Either way, it's fixed now.
- You can now toggle word wrap and line numbers separately. This
means you can now have line numbers enabled while word wrap is on.
This is due to a new line numbering class that enables more
functionality and should be a little mor efficient.
- Updated status bar indicators so that the line/column indicator
should never truncate its text, even for very high line/column
- Fixed bug: For Perl syntax highlighting, builtin "shell"
variables (such as $@ and $!) messed up the rendering for the
line they were on. This is now fixed.
- Fixed bug: When using the MDI view, the name of the currently
active document in RText's title bar wasn't always properly
updated. This is now fixed.
- Added an open document list to the Window menu, similar to that
found in many MDI applications. Clicking on one of the open
document menu items makes that document the active one.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-05-15

Release Now Available!

RText version has just been released! This release focused mainly on aesthetics/usability, adding a new Look and Feel and enhancing an old one, adding a new icon set, a new view style (MDI), more configurable toolbars, etc. Here's what's new: (04/29/2004):
- Added a third view style - an "MDI" view. In this view,
RText is basically a desktop pane with all open documents
in floating internal frames. When using this view style,
a new Window menu is available (from the menu bar or by
right-clicking on the desktop pane) that allows you to
organize your desktop frames with the traditional
"Tile Vertically," "Tile Horizontally," and "Cascade"
options. The MDI view style is useful when you want to
modify two or more documents side-by-side, viewing both
- Made the menu bar floatable. It CANNOT be docked on the
left- or right- hand side of RText; it can only be docked
on the top or bottom, or made floatable. Although this
isn't necessarily a useful feature, it is functionality
found in more recent Microsoft products, and so I
decided to see whether or not I could mimic it.
- Look and Feels:
- Added a new Look and Feel - "Office 2003". This
Look and Feel just mimics the blue toolbar and
menubar found in Office 2003 applications.
- Updated the Office XP Look and Feel. Hopefully all
colors used are now 100% accurate. Made the menu
bar item correctly "connect" to the popup menu when
the popup menu appears above the menu bar. Made
toolbar grips look like Office XP toolbar grips.
Made grip disappear when the toolbar is made
- Right-clicking the toolbar now allows you to add or remove
buttons from it. Also included is a "Reset the toolbar"
choice which replaces all buttons.
- Fixed a bug that made insert/overwrite not work sometimes
when the Look and Feel was changed.
- Added new icon set: Office XP icons.
- Fixed bug: In the options dialog, if you chose Split Pane
view with the document selection being somewhere other than
"left," and clicked the Apply button, the document selection
was still placed on the left. Clicking "Okay" placed the
document selection pane correctly. This is now fixed.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-04-29

Release Now Available!

RText version is now available,with a lot of udates. Here's what's new:

- Made Undo/Redo much more intelligent; it now behaves much
like undo functionality in Microsoft Word or other
commercial applications:
- Groups of characters typed together are remembered as
a single edit, and so undo no longer removes text one
character at a time.
- A "replace" action is remembered as a single edit
instead of two (a remove, then a replace).
- Syntax highlighting:
- HTML: Made tags able to be multiline. In the last
release, only comment tags could be multiline, but
now any kind of open tag can span multiple lines.
- Added right-click popup options menu to the toolbar.
Currently the only thing you can do from this menu is
"lock" the toolbar (toggle whether or not it is floatable).
- Improved the OfficeXP Look and Feel:
- Combo boxes now look like the newer Windows "flat
style" combo boxes found, for example, in the toolbar
of Outlook XP.
- Made the colors used for menu item selection more
- Made Find/Replace dialogs go away on escape keypress (this
mostly worked in past versions, but was a little dodgy).
- Factored find/replace dialogs out of rtext package into
their own generic package. This makes for better logical
segregation of code, as well as makes the search dialogs
available to different Java projects.
- Factored other pieces of code out of project-specific rtext
package into more general packages, so they can be used by
other projects.
- Cleaned up a few of the icons again.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-04-16

Release Now Available!

Not even an entire week after, a new version has been released. Here's what's new in RText version

- Syntax highlighting:
- Added HTML syntax highlighting.
- Fixed bug - Line/column indicator stopped working on the
currently active document when you switch from split-pane
view to tabbed pane view (and not vice-versa). You would
have to switch active documents, then switch back to get
the line/column indicator to work on the originally active
document. This is now fixed.
- Took out some debug code that wrote to stderr, which probably
slowed some stuff down a tad in

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-04-07

Release Now Available

This release brought about several changes in several diffent parts of the code, both improving speed and adding new features.

Here's what's new in RText version
- Syntax highlighting:
- Added Perl syntax highlighting. Note that this currently
does NOT currently handle patterns (/foo/, s/foo/bar/, etc.),
as I didn't have the time to add them.
- All: Increased efficiency during insert/delete text.
- C, C++, C#, Java: Removed a little unnecessary code in
- Fixed a bug in the C++ highlighting code that prevented
the '~' character from being interpreted as the beginning
of a destructor method.
- Added "Save a Copy as Web Page..." option in File menu. Now
you can export your syntax highlighted souce code into an HTML
file for display on the web.
- The toolbar is now dockable. Until now it's not been dockable,
as I didn't know how to keep the status bar from interfering with
the toolbar when it was docked at the bottom. After some clever
work with nested JPanels, it's now working ;-)
- Added an option to highlight the display names of modified
documents with a different color. For example, if you have
opened and modified a document "foo.txt", then the "foo.txt*"
found on that document's tab or in the document list split pane
can be highlighted red (or any other color) as a visual cue of
unsaved modifications. This preference is saved between RText
- Enhanced line numbers; the highlight of the current line's line
number is now toggled with the current line highlight option,
and the color with which the current line number is highlighted
now matches the current line's highlight color. This makes
things look a little nicer.
- Fixed a bug that made all search options ("Match Case", etc.)
not modifiable if you changed the view style.
- Fixed a bug where the line/column indicator was always enabled
on startup, even if word wrap was enabled.
- Improved handling of Home/Insert keypresses and actions.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-04-02

New Release Available!

RText is now available. Here's what's new:

- Syntax highlighting:
- Added C# syntax highlighting.
- UNIX shell: Fixed bug in quoted string termination.
- Added new "view" - a split pane view. I find this to be a
much cleaner view than the tabbed pane, but the choice is yours;
you can toggle between the two views. Your choice is remembered
between RText sessions.
- Fixed a bug in undo/redo.
- Fixed bug - Find in Files dialog went into a loop when you
tried to do a find with an invalid regular expression.
- Made syntax filters case-insensitive. This way, AUTOEXEC.BAT
will be syntax highlighted if the Windows batch file filter
contains "*.bat".

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-03-25

Release Now Available

This release added syntax highlighting for Windows batch files and UNIX scripts, and enhanced the text editor a little, but other than that was pretty much a maintenance release. Here's what's new:

- Syntax Highlighting:
- Added Windows batch file syntax.
- Added UNIX shell syntax.
- Added the ability to have the text editor highlight the current
line. This feature can be toggled and the highlighting color
can be changed via the options dialog. This property is also
remembered between RText sessions.
- Added file filters to the Open/Save dialog corresponding to the
file types now recognized for syntax highlighting.
- Factored out logic code from display code in the class that
was in charge of displaying the tabbed pane of text areas. This
allows for the possibility of alternate views (besides just being
better programming).
- Fixed bug - If you closed a document in a "middle tab" (i.e.,
not the first or last tab when three or more files are open), the
file name displayed in the title bar wouldn't update.
- Fixed bug - File history was remembered in reverse order. Thus,
if your file history contained files a.txt, b.txt, and c.txt, in
that order, and you closed and reopened RText, your file
history would contain the files in the order c.txt, b.txt, a.txt.
- Now better at catching errors in rtext.properties file; if the
properties file is invaild in any way, RText will give you a
dialog box at startup telling you as much, and use the defaults.
- Touched up a few of the 16x16 WinXP/Win98 icons.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-03-19

New Version Released!

Here's what's new:

- Touchups to syntax highlighting:
- C, C++, Java: Fixed a bug that caused exceptions to be thrown
sometimes if a multiline comment's end token was
- Java: Made all java.lang.* classes, interfaces, exceptions and
errors into syntax highlighted tokens. I classified them
as "functions" even though they aren't functions, but
I didn't have a token type descriptive enough for them.
- Updated Options Dialog:
- You can now decide what file extensions get associated with
what file types, and thus control what files get syntax
- Fixed 'Text Area' panel so that clicking the 'Restore Defaults'
button only enables the Apply button when it changes something.
- RText once again remembers more between sessions:
- Whether or not the window was maximized.
- File filters
- File history
- Fixed bug: Background as image stopped working on Windows with the
introduction of syntax highlighting.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-03-06