Version Now Available!

Lots of new stuff went into this version, so the version number went up a little more than usual ;-) Here's what's new in version

- Added a Source Browser component. This component requires you
to have Exhuberant Ctags installed on your machine
( When the Source
Browser is enabled, an extra panel is visible in RText listing
all functions/variables, etc. found in the current document's
code code; clicking on an item in this panel takes you directly
to the item's definition. This component is configurable via
the Options dialog.
- Added a right-margin line. Useful for example if you want
to keep your document's lines to 80 characters or less. This
is configurable from the "Text Area" panel on the Options
- Coverted to use the Java Preferences API to remember your
configuration between sessions. This means that if you migrate
from a previous version of RText to, the first time you
start it back up, your options won't be remembered. After that
though, your options will be stored in the new location (OS-
dependant), and everything will work as it did before.
- Fixed a bug preventing a user from loading/saving files with
names containing the '$' character.
- Beefed up the Options dialog API. You now cannot enter invalid
file filters (you could trick it before), and on the whole, it
checks for invalid input better.
- Moved all "Tabs" options in Options dialog to the Text Area
panel, as they made more sense there than as their own separate
- Many smaller bux fixes.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-06-19