Release Now Available

This release added syntax highlighting for Windows batch files and UNIX scripts, and enhanced the text editor a little, but other than that was pretty much a maintenance release. Here's what's new:

- Syntax Highlighting:
- Added Windows batch file syntax.
- Added UNIX shell syntax.
- Added the ability to have the text editor highlight the current
line. This feature can be toggled and the highlighting color
can be changed via the options dialog. This property is also
remembered between RText sessions.
- Added file filters to the Open/Save dialog corresponding to the
file types now recognized for syntax highlighting.
- Factored out logic code from display code in the class that
was in charge of displaying the tabbed pane of text areas. This
allows for the possibility of alternate views (besides just being
better programming).
- Fixed bug - If you closed a document in a "middle tab" (i.e.,
not the first or last tab when three or more files are open), the
file name displayed in the title bar wouldn't update.
- Fixed bug - File history was remembered in reverse order. Thus,
if your file history contained files a.txt, b.txt, and c.txt, in
that order, and you closed and reopened RText, your file
history would contain the files in the order c.txt, b.txt, a.txt.
- Now better at catching errors in file; if the
properties file is invaild in any way, RText will give you a
dialog box at startup telling you as much, and use the defaults.
- Touched up a few of the 16x16 WinXP/Win98 icons.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2004-03-19