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Art from Battle for Mandicor

  • Hey,

    In case development depends on amount of available art, it might make sense to find out if the art from https://sourceforge.net/projects/battle4mandicor/ can be used. It has a kind of similar style (mostly).

    One would have to find out the license by contacting the project devs first though.

    • From #bfm on freenode:

      16:26 < qubodup> I want to recommend someone who works on an open source game to use the media from bfm and would like to know what license it is under
      16:26 < qubodup> is the bfm art licensed under GPL as well?
      16:27 < MikkoMMM> Yes, it is.

    • Caerwyn

      Yeah, sort of. :) It's been a bit of a sticky year, yeah? Thanks, mate. This'll help a lot.