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More 'art'work

  • Hey. I found this [ http://openclipart.org/media/files/Simarilius/6316 ] gorgeous piece on http://openclipart.org and 'remixed' it a little [ http://nothingdoesntsuck.googlepages.com/Simarilius_xmas_tree_qubodup_mod.svg ].

    Different trees for different climates, I assume.

    The creator is Simarilius [ http://wiki.inkscape.org/wiki/index.php/Simarilius ]

    That's it for now =)

    • PS: as everything on openclipart.org, the drawing is in the public domain (and my version either that or wtfpl..)

    • Caerwyn

      Yep. Different trees for different climates. I'll check the site out, too. :)

      I like your artwork, mate, you know? I'm really liking the style that it gives the game. I'm thinking that I'd like to make that the art style for the future, you know?

    • Caerwyn

      Got it! Thanks! :)

      Sorry for the silence; I've been away for the last two weeks.

    • I discovered this project: http://sourceforge.net/projects/fcca

      It's style seems very fitting, and inspired already some ideas =) I'll have to get into that.

    • I built a tent na-na-na-na



    • PS: Multi-layered, has a building-step with own shadow, so better viewed in inkscape

    • Oil puddle. Doesn't look like an oil puddle.



      If you want, you can give me an svn account. It would require you to tell me how to submit my changes though (and don't think about giving main-reading access, I likely would create a mess) I'm ok with uploading though ATM.

    • I meant writing. Damn you sf.net forums

    • Caerwyn

      That tent is this side of brilliant! *That* is the new initial town centre. By Monday I'll have it in place. That oil puddle's pretty awesome too.

      This weekend I'll set you up with write access to the trunk; that's a good idea and I'm glad you asked for it. :)

    • Glad you like it, didn't expect this much enthusiasm =)

      Unfortunately I haven't created the trees in various 'disassembly'-stages, instead have a prettier, 3-seasons tree.


    • Every piece of 'thing' I submit to this forum by uploading it to http://nothingdoesntsuck.googlepages.com/... and then posting the link to it here, is, unless otherwise noted, licensed under the WTFPL! http://sam.zoy.org/wtfpl/

      hey, that was easy.

    • A hut: http://nothingdoesntsuck.googlepages.com/uglyhut.svg

      It's terrible, I tried to condense inspiration from http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Image:Steinzeitdorf_Kussow.JPG

      We can only hope that failure will result in learning. ^^

    • nikosgr

      Hi...caerwyn...I sent you a bug and feature request...You forgot me :)

    • Caerwyn

      @Qubodup: Hey, mate, I've got the trees and I'm going to start working them in starting in v0.1.5 (I'm just about ready to release 0.1.4 after I draw some new worker units); thanks! The hut though....I'm not sure I can use that; I think I'm starting to need Classical buldings, you know. :) Sort of early Greek/Roman/Chinese architecture.

      @Nikosgr: Naw, I haven't forgotten, mate. The feature request for the different resolutions is done, I just haven't updated the request yet. I've been caught up on fixing the pathfinding once and for all (and I think I have!) and got behind on that.

    • nikosgr

      And one bug...mate :)

    • Did you know there is a plant called 'mate'? They make tea from it and the cold version of it is getting quite popular here in Germany, Berlin.

      What was I talking about? Ah yes! I re-created the menu image. I like it.

    • http://nothingdoesntsuck.googlepages.com/iron_neo.svg

      Layers allow for reducing the ammount of shiney, so resource amount can be seen. I think mountains should be big enough to provide natural obstacles. Are empty mountains removed from the map ATM? They could stay without the silver pieces.

    • Caerwyn

      Grabbed all new artwork. I like what you did with the figure on the main page, it looks *much* better now. Er,...any chance you'd be willing to create a few more figures in that vein, from various time periods, for the start screen? I think that it goes without saying that you've got the right touch for the artwork for this game. :)

      The mountains are actually supposed to be just surface deposits; later on people will be able to create mines for their metal and gold. Mountains should be part of the map, though, and were planned for version 0.2.

    • Caerwyn

      Oh, and I haven't forgotten about granting SVN access for the artwork; I just need to read the docs to set it up right!