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RealTime Battle Team Framework 1.1 is out

The RealTimeBattle Team Framework Group proudly announces version 1.1 of our software.
In comparison to version 1.0, some minor bug fixes were applied and the robots now have fancier names.
Furthermore, we support two new strategies: Cobra and Columbus, where Cobra is a xt-bot-b adaption and Columbus still in its alpha stages.
Columbus is a very challenging strategy and will be very heavy improved in the next time, so please frequently check sourceforge for updates 8-)
RealTimeBattle 1.0.8-Ext includes this release, so you do not have to have to download it in case you already use this version of RealTimeBattle.

Have a lot of fun!

Johannes Nicolai
for the RealTimeBattle Team Framework Group

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2005-10-15