We take over realtimebattle

Today, we received a mail, that we are allowed to overtake the
realtime battle project on sourceforge. This is a great honor for our group and we try to make out the best of this challenge.
We will focus on updating the web site / documentation, removing the bugs of version 1.0.6 and adding our documentation to the project. Furthermore, we will release a version of realtime battle bundeled with our framework code.
Of course, realtime battle will stay independent from our framework.
The development of the new version of realtime battle is not a main task of our group, but of the old maintainer of the project who will naturally stay in this position.
We hope, that we can work hand in hand and profit from each other.
In the next weeks, we will investigate the project, release a version that will fix the worst bugs and update the documentation. If we have something really new, we will let you know.

Johannes Nicolai

Posted by Johannes Nicolai 2004-10-18