• David Tibbe
    David Tibbe

    This should be a thread where everyone can post his/her ideas and proposals. So, if you have anything, post it here, please.

    • In the first meeting, we discussed the need of a map to store all objects found in the virtual world in the SharedServerSpecificRepository.
      We do not know yet, what granularity a map should have to be precise enough.
      The map should be developed as a class, so that a map object can be embedded in a strategy specifc repository.

    • "<krolfy> So, ich muss jetzt aber weg. Fuer eine evtl. weitere IRC-Session in etwa mein Zeitplan: Mo 12:30-14:30, Mi ???-11:15 + 17:15-???, Do ???-10:45 + 13:15-17:30, Fr 13:15-17:30 , wie man sieht, bin ich laengst ueberfaellig."

    • Like the name or don't ...
      However, I just put out new tasks concerning the exemplary AI.
      Note: I fixed 2004-10-31 as a finishing date.