RSyntaxTextArea 1.3 Released

RSyntaxTextArea is a syntax highlighting text component written in Swing.

Here's what's new in 1.2.3:
1. Smarter auto-indent for languages with C-style syntax
(those that use curly braces to denote code blocks).
2. Added PHP syntax highlighting support.
3. Added ToolTipSupplier interface so hosting apps can
supply tooltips without subclassing RSTA.
4. SQL highlighting fixes - Adding "create" keyword and
fixing "Mark Occurrences" to recognized '_' as an
identifier char.
5. Added an API to highlight individual lines.
6. Removed basic line numbering support and replaced it
with a more general "Gutter" component. This component
not only renders line numbers, but can display per-line
icons (for breakpoints, bookmarks, compiler errors,
7. The Gutter has built-in bookmark support (which can be
toggled on or off). F2/Shift+F2 moves to the next and
previous bookmark, respectively. Ctrl+F2 toggles the
bookmark for the current line.
8. Renaming of syntax style classes to be simpler.
9. Several bug fixes.

Posted by Robert Futrell 2009-02-23