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#24 Regression: Can't enter Slash ("/") in RSyntaxTextArea,RText


I updated RSyntaxTextArea in a project, tried version 2.05 and svn-trunc.
Slashes cannot be used anymore, at least in linux but a coworker had the same problem (using windows afaik)

Problem seems to be within this file:

... around this line (the whole file changed a lot since last stable release):
put(KeyStroke.getKeyStroke(\'/\'), \"DoNothing\");

I\'m now using version again which works like a charm.
I just tried RText (2.0.5) which has the same issue.


  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    This was fixed in

    Due to different keyboard layouts, it is impossible to come up with a standard input map that works well for all locales. One could make educated guesses based on the input method's locale, but it's bound to be wrong some of the time on some OS. For this reason, RSTA will ship with an input map that works for QWERTY keyboards; applications hosting RSTA can configure the InputMap for other keyboard layouts, if they desire. Other applications, such as IntelliJ seem to behave this same way, so we're not alone in this :)

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    • status: open --> closed-fixed