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#18 Codefolding makes scrolling slow

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Bob Fisch

I've detected a bug in RSyntaxTextArea:

symptom: Very very slow scrolling
reproducible: always
affected OS: only Mac OSX (I've tested on Snow Leopard an Lion)

Howto reproduce:
1) Open some document (scrolling is fast)
2) Type some character
3) Now scrolling is super slow

As far as I've been able, I've tracked it down to the code folding feature. When disabling code folding, the bug isn't present.

I've also tested on Windows XP where I was not able to reproduce it.


  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    I have an older laptop still running Leopard, and I can't reproduce this. Scrolling a 30,000 line Java document appears to be the same speed, folding enabled or disabled.

    What syntax type (not that it should matter, except maybe XML may have a higher fold count, which would make a difference) and line count? Are you scrolling one line at a time, or a page at a time (Cmd+Up/Down)? Or simply via dragging the scroll bar?

    If you use the RSyntaxTextAreaDemoApp, and make scrolling slow, if you toggle folding between enabled and disabled, does it also toggle between scrolling fast and slow?

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    Closing due to lack of response, and the inability to reproduce.

  • Robert Futrell
    Robert Futrell

    • status: open --> closed-invalid
    • Group: --> v1.3.x