Dear list,


Before I start describing my problem, I first want to wish you all a happy and successful 2007….


Here comes the issue I have, I took the latest rsyncrypto binaries and installed them on my WinXP machine. Both encrypting and decrypting is working.


But when I try to decrypt a very large file it gives me the following error message:


====== ERROR MESSAGE =====

rsyncrypto -d -r encrypted clear keys cert.key

Decrypting clear\laptop_ntfs_20060815_15.tar.Z error: Error in encrypted stream (trailer):


gzip: stdin: unexpected end of file

====== ERROR MESSAGE =====


Is this a known error, or is this just happening to me…..? I was successful in encrypting and decrypting a file of 3315MB, but a file of 4436MB and 7834MB in size are giving me this error message. Helpful to know is that I was able to encrypt both files, without an error message. Even the size of the encrypted files look oke to me. For example, one clear text file is 4.332.705KB while the encrypted version is 4.339.398KB. Again when I try to decrypt the encrypted version it gives me this error message.


Maybe it is because the size of the zip files are bigger then 4GB, the maximum file size for a zip (at least on WinXP).


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Warm regards.