I just found the rsyncrypto project recently, and I use it to encrypt my own server's database, and then rsync to another place. it's a really good project.
    I think the encryption strength is enough for me, but the speed of the rsyncrypto is only 5MB/s in my case. my database is around 50GB, so it should cost few hours to encrypt the database file.
    Is the speed 5MB/s normal? my PC's performance is quite good. If it's normal, the openssl AES cause it? or the gzip --rsyncable cause it?
What platform are you running rsyncrypto on? The Windows performance is not as good as the Linux performance, mainly due to the multi-process orientation of the program (data passes between the encryption and the compression on a pipe).

There are several causes to the performance issues in rsyncrypto. First, rsyncrypto only utilizes about 1.5 CPUs, so many multi cores today are under-utilized by rsyncrypto. We are also calling the AES encryption one block at a time, which might further be non-optimal.


Shachar Shemesh
Lingnu Open Source Consulting Ltd.