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rpc.rstatd 4.0.1 released

rpc.rstatd 4.0.1 fixes a file descriptor leak on 2.x kernels, x <= 4, as pointed out by Tim Pointing.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-12-07

texmeter 1.0 released

textmeter 1.0 has been released. Textmeter is a curses based rstat client, it enables simple shell users to perform "graphical" performance monitoring of set of rstat-capable systems.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-09-19

rstatd 4.0 release

rpc.rstatd for Linux version 4.0 has been released. This version fixes some critical problems that caused rpc.rstatd to be of only limited utility on 2.6 kernels. The new release incorporates some essential architectural changes, which justify the version number switch to 4.0.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-09-19

textmeter-1.0-alpha is here

textmeter is a curses based rstat client, similar to xmeter or perfmeter. It can monitor a set of hosts and display graphs of various system activity parameters using a text terminal.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-09-12

rstatd 3.08-beta is available

A small bug in rstatd caused the network numbers to be incorrect, this has been fixed. If no other bugs are found, a final release will be made available within a week.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-09-12

rstatd-3.08-alpha is available

rstatd-3.08-alpha is a version of rstatd with a new
data collection layer, which is more easily adapted to
new kernel versions. In particular, it works (reliably) with
2.6 kernels. It has been tested on 2.4 and 2.6. It should
also work on 2.2 but has not been tested.

Posted by Andreas Mueller 2005-09-07

rstatd 3.07 now available

An archive file with version 3.07 is now availalbe in the download area.
It supports now protocol version 4 and configuration via GNU configure.

Posted by Andreas Klingler 2002-01-15

Project is online

The rstatd project is now fully operational.
A (simple) project homepage is up and there is a stable source package for Linux kernels 2.2.x and 2.4. The sources are also contained in the CVS repository.

Posted by Andreas Klingler 2001-05-29