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2.0.0-beta released

RssView is now more than just a plain Rss Viewer. You will find many new features, like a built-in browser and persistant articles.

Major improvements have been done to the RSS/XML-parser. It was essentially removed from our project and replaced by an external open source solution (further information:\).

Of course, there are lots of fixes and RFEs which have been implemented.... read more

Posted by Cinek 2004-10-07

1.2.0 released!

New features, all RFEs implemented, more stability and more fun. Grab a copy and try it out!

Posted by Cinek 2003-03-20

Proxy support implemented

As requested. I hope it works correctly. The 1.1.6 release still needs testing and will remain in CVS repository for now.

Posted by Cinek 2003-02-25

Thank you for great patches by nwalsh

And sorry once again for the delay. I just came back from really loooong holidays today. I hope to hear more from you. ;)

Posted by Cinek 2003-02-24

1.1.5 official release

Thanks for Your support.

Where is 1.1.4? Well it was available in CVS only. It had only some minor changes and I didn't want to bother You all.

Posted by Cinek 2002-07-26

1.1.5pre in CVS

Two submitted bugs have been fixed. Thank you all for your feedback. I appreciate it very much.

Posted by Cinek 2002-07-17

1.1.3 released

I hope You have fun. Less bugs, better handling. What do You need more? :)

Posted by Cinek 2002-04-02

1.1.3 in testing phase

RssView 1.1.3 is in testing phase now. A bug while saving settings has been fixed. Behaviour with dropdown-menu in the channel-list has been changed. Double-clicking on list-items works now. New feature implemented: beep on new message.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-28

1.1.2 with several fixes and enhancements

Please look at CHANGES for details. Most important thing is that I had to setup the poll-timings higher, so I don't get any complaints from news-sites. I didn't notice that the browser setting dialog was wrong and the settings made there weren't stored to the rc-file.
Well, if noone complaints, it takes time to find mistakes.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-27

1.1.2 coming out soon

Still checking the current CVS-version of rssview. I will release 1.1.2 soon with some extensions. New features include copy&paste-support and some polling-interval fixes.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-26

Please setup Your poll intervals higher!

On some sites, You can see what kind of intervals are reasonable. Most of the sites are NOT updated less often than every 30 minutes. I will update RssViewer with new polling policy soon. I would not be happy, if You people get banned from the sites.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-23

1.1.1 is ready for You

This release fixes some bugs inside the thread synchronisation mechanism, which caused wrong display updates. Now it works great and is a lot of fun.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-22

1.1.0 is out, some fixes and some features added

Please look at the CHANGES-file for the list of changes. It is possible to run Rss Viewer with Java2SDK-1.3, too, but there are some bugs which
haven't been fixed as in Java2SDK-1.4. Look at the INSTALL-file for more information on this topic.

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-21

Initial release

Here a further present for the Open-Source community.
What is it? A ticker! For all who are addicted to latest news. :)

Posted by Cinek 2002-03-20