Not that Google Reader is officially dead... how do we do sync?

  • A J
    A J

    Is there a way to synchronize 2 RSSOwl instances without going through Google Reader?

    For starters, can we export the current state of the feeds with their read/unread counts as a file to another computer?

    Maybe would help?


  • I think there is options. Lets see when the dust settles what Google has to say.

  • Btw you can always export feeds, settings, filters etc from one RSSOwl to another using OPML, but thats not automatic.

  • A J
    A J


  • Shadowlord

    The team of Feedly is currently working on a new API called 'Normandy' as a replacement of the Google Reader API. Developers can contact them for more information.

    They write on their site:

    "Note 2: if you are a third party developer using the Google Reader API and would like to integrate with Normandy, please send an email to We would love to keep the Google Reader ecosystem alive."

    Maybe this would be an option?

  • bungeshea

    I agree with @Shadowlord that Feedly would be the best alternative.

  • HishD

    Maybe it is possible to use personal google drive account for syncing

  • LCD 47
    LCD 47

    Personally, I'd like to see RSSOwl support syncing with Tiny Tiny RSS. It's self hosted, it has both web and mobile clients, and it seems pretty nice overall. But, there are other alternatives too. People like to compile lists these days, don't they. :)

  • Yoann L.
    Yoann L.

    I love RSSOwl, but having synchronization is really important for me. I think as mentionned that Feedly's Normandy will become the universal solution. Maybe the best would be to have several solutions (Digg is also trying to clone Reader's API), but I guess it would be a lot of work.

    Benjamin, I think you should start thinking about the next solution as soon as possible, and before the 1st July. What are you plans for RSSOwl's future ? Will you contact Feedly to know more about their upcoming API ?

  • Since I am doing rssowl in my spare time (and I dont have a lot of spare time :) ), I can not make any predictions yet. Eventually I will ask for some help through github. My plan is to make it easy for others to build RSSOwl and contribute changes back.

  • ringen00

    TT-RSS or TheOldReader . . . my preferred ones :)

  • Krishna M
    Krishna M

    Automatic Synchronization is a valuable and much used feature of RSSOwl. I can definitely vouch for it personally. A replacement for Google Reader must be expressly sought. Much thanks for the wonderful work so far.