I've been back and forth on RSS Owl and would love to adopt it, but just can't
until it evolves to be an editor as well. There is a big push in online
publishing for a curation based model where experts can quickly sift through
the weeds via RSS feeds, determine what is truly news worthy, and post their
their respective blogs regarding the article. There are several other software
solutions that do this (http://blogbridge.com and
another less known that Ive used). Neither of them come close to RSSOwl in
regards to RSS management, but without this feature RSSOwl is missing out on a
big market. For example: I've already spent $150 on 1 piece of software that
does this but is as buggy as can be - and I'm not the only one, there is a
paying market out there for this. I've seen several people on the forums
asking for it as well.

So, is there anyone out there willing to take the challenge to be able to
integrate a simple editor and wordpress api post functionality? I may be
willing to put $$ behind the development.