a bunch of ideas for development of rss owl


    full content
    i wish it stayed after visiting some adjacent news. sometimes you may want to crossreference for example and the need to load again upon revisit is a waste of time. especially if the news is added to archive.
    some feeds may disappear from the net. since the owl keeps stuff on hd, full content can be saved.
    still to save space, it might be possible to unload the content, and set expiry date.
    best of all, full content is a great feature and deserves a hotkey!

    sometimes you may traverse from one news to a different feed, also when you archive. it may be diffecult to get back. the previous/back feature would move not to the preceeding/following news or feed, but to the previously or later seen 1) news 2) feed.
    (hotkeyed ;)
    there is such an option in acrobat reader, very useful.

    feed bar
    in the feed, the top lines including the title and buttons like pin and mark unread I think had better not scroll together witht he news. you may need access to them also when you scroll to the bottom of the news.

    additionally, the title of the feed would help in cases you are in a bin, where the news is not instantly identifiable.

    finally, i might be wrong, but there seems to be lacking search of news inside all feeds.

    otherwise, the best non-browser rss reader