2 issues in 2.0.6

  • GMX


    I believe I've come across 2 bugs in 2.0.6, I apologize if they've been
    reported already or if they're fixed in 2.1. I didn't see anything (messages
    or otherwise) to indicate that this was the case.

    1. Using the "Search News" dialog, the "Contains" feature appears to only match whole words (unless using wildcards). I find this to be counter-intuitive, as "contains" seems to me like it should match on a substring. Is this intended behavior? I would have expected wildcards to be used for things such as "word1*word2" but not just for parts of a word. If this is intentional that's fine, I'll adjust some of my Saved Searches -- it just caught me by surprise.

    2. When messages are found using Search News, images and Flash are shown in the preview even if you have these features disabled in the Preferences.

    Thank you!

  • genodeftest

    1. This is counter-intuitive, but should be the more usable way. Always doing a full-text-search would dramatically stress any PC. You can not do a full-text-search in time for a feeds database with e.g. 200MB (and some people reported to have feeds databases with ~2GB)

    2. I can not test (or confirm) this because I currently have no feeds with flash or images.

    1. is intended behavior and I think its also the more general way of searching in full text. I believe search engines like google are behaving in the same way.

    2. was indeed a bug that is fixed in 2.1. You can try out the beta if you want, its quite stable.