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BlowfishJ Dependency & Model Questions

  • MattG


    I am fairly new to Java and very new to this project although I am very impressed with what I've seen so far...on both accounts.

    I am using Eclipse 3 and I downloaded the source directly from CVS through Eclipse. This works very well. The first problem I had was that an

    import net.sourceforge.blowfishJ.BowfishEash

    didn't resolve. I hade to change it to

    import BlowfishJ.BlowfishEasy

    to match the include BlowfishJ jar file. After that, everything compiled without error but this seemed like either I'm missing something or this should be fixed.

    I am interested in using the Model and DAO for a different project. I am also looking at the Informa Project ( Is any one using the RSSOwl model independent of the UI? Can anyone compare/contrast the RSSOwl model with Informa?

    Anyway, great work everyone. Maybe I can actually contribute some day.



    • Hi Matt,

      hm, I searched through my Source, but I am not finding any "BowfishEash". From what location and what CVS Folder did you download RSSOwl?

      You should probably not use parts of RSSOwl seperatly, without doing some modifications. I was not yet able to create a 100%-UI-Free Model. But a clean Model should not have references to UI Parts.

      The DAO Package is somewhat cleaner. With few modifications it should work outside RSSOwl.

      Anyways, Informa might be the better decision to use, since it was built to be used as library.

      If there are any questions about how things are working in Model and DAO Package, let me know.


    • MattG

      A type-O, sorry. I should have been more specific anyway.

      I used the SourceForge CVS and used the linux branch.

      The first import in net.sourceforge.rssowl.util.CryptoManager
      import net.sourceforge.blowfishj.BlowfishEasy;
      (not BlowfishEash ;) )
      This would not compile with the accompanying Blowfish JAR.

      So I changed the import to:
      import BlowfishJ.BlowfishEasy;

      And all worked well.

      Thanks for the thoughts on using the model outside of RSSOwl.


      • Oh interesting, I already had a new BlowfishJ.jar in place, but SourceForge CVS did not seem to allow an update. I now manually removed and added the Jar into CVS.

        Thanks for the hint.