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    Benjamin Pasero write me to post our question here.

    We are a little start up and we have a project in incubation: DailYou, a meta_newspaper.

    We have just concluded an agree with all the Italian national newspaper publishers (on paper version and on web version: attachment called "licenze di ripubblicazione") to legally republish all of their content and we have just concluded an 'agree with advertising agency to insert our adwersiting.

    We need to develop our digital platform, automatic platform!
    I will enclose our pdf presentation,

    for now we will not start with the video content, but only with newspapers and only digital form (first step in our presentation).

    Can you implement RSSOwl for our project? We're interested in different solution like partnership and/or co-branding with you.

    Follows a list of requirements needed for our project.

    Our feeds are "private" ATOM. You can see an example of the type of static database in the attachment called "atom larepubblica-nazionale": is the data of one day of Italian newspaper "La Repubblica". Of course, in the reality the data will come in every day by three o'clock in the morning.

    Here is the schema:

     1) must be the main portal that must be accessed by the subscribers, The sistem must 'run in the background'. Annexed there are some JPEG screenshots reporting the different procedures on which the users will work (from the   registration to the Newspapers' selection).
     2)     The layout must be a "common layout" to all personalized DailYou. So the layout should be automatic. The layout must contains the WHOLE article because we own the rights from the editor to republish them. Every article, anyway, must  include the name of the newspaper, the author and the publication date.
     3)     Since there is no specific mobile apps, displaying of must be “full responsive”. We think specific apps will give users better reading experience, but this could be done even later.
     4)     The pagination must be grouped by Macro Categories and not by newspapers using the following order:
    Ø      Main page
    Ø      Editorial pages
    Ø      Local politics news
    Ø      Foreign news
    Ø      Local News
    Ø      Business & Finance
    Ø      Life Style
    Ø      Culture / Entertainment
    Ø      Sport
    4)    The user registration and subscription must be implemented on your          side.         The         payment must be online thru, for instance, paypal. It must include free subscriptions and trial subscriptions. The subscriptions frequency will be weekly, every other week, 1/3/6 months or yearly.
     5)     The insertion of the ads should be automatic. We're gonna use our ads provider.
    6)      Each Dailyou issue must be seen ONLY by the subscriber.

    Additionally a we would like an offer even to implement the following optional features that could come soon based on later evaluations:

    - The generation of a PDF of the whole issue to be downloaded and printed.
    - The merging of news taken from Social Network (right now only Twitter)
    - The insertion of videos created by  with whom we got a pre agreement.
    - The insertion of videos created by national television news and freely broadcasted   by them. For Example:


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