Bug: xulrunner links with target attribute

  • Hi,

    I found a bug: links with target attribute are opened in IE and not the
    default browser.

    I'm using RSSOwl 2.1 with xulrunner

    I set up RssOwl to open links in my standard external Browser: Firefox

    Example in this feed:


    News title with target="_blank" link: BetaLi.st

    Link title: Mr. Köhlbrugge

    Click on the link and IE will open.

    P.S: This happens only if you are using RSSOwl with xulrunner.

  • Good catch, should be fixed in next RSSOwl 2.1.1.

  • cool - thanks!

  • A release candidate of 2.1.1 is out including a fix for this (see