identical credentials for multiple feeds

  • Hi,
    We have an information-distribution application that publishes RSS feeds internally (within the organization), it uses basic authentication and it works nicely, publishing about 35 different feeds. Most of our users are using RSSOwl as the aggregator and are VERY happy with it.

    Now I have a situation when some users are subscribed to more than 15 feeds (the read them in aggregated-grouped view). The problem is, that our security policy requires the users to change their passwords every month. When they do that, they have to change the password in RSSOwl for EACH AND EVERY feed that is published from the distribution application.

    My idea is to patch RSSOwl and add a capability to have the same credentials to multiple feeds. I'll be happy to contribute this code back to the RSSOwl project, so before I begin, I wanted to ask, what would be the best way to do it. I had several ideas:

    1) add credentials to a group of feeds, and within the authentication dialog of a feed , add an option to "inherit" the credentials from the group.
    2) add a menu option to change the credentials in multiple feeds. Choosing this option will present a tree/list of feeds, let you select several feeds and assign them with username/password.
    3) Without changing RSSOwl Code: Using AspectJ, intercept the construction of an HTTP connection, and if it is a connection to the distribution-server, assign the proper credentials (that will be passed to RSSOwl as system argument

    Can anyone recommend the best way to go about it ?

    • Hi Ben,
      Thanks for your quick reply. I think this patch is all I need. I'll give it a go and see how it works, and of course, post the results !!


    • Hi Stephanie,

      what you talk about here is a good example of where RSSOwl could be improved for the next version. It's definitively something to consider. Someone submitted a patch here a while ago (, basically changing RSSOwl's credentials service to store credentials based on the Host- and Directory-Path of a Feed. So, lets say you have:


      both asking for credentials, RSSOwl could store them once for "" and use them for both feeds and any other feed living in that directory.

      I think thats the most straightforward and user-friendly solution. However, I am not having enough knowledge about server-side protection to know if that solution would work for all cases (e.g. is it possible to protected feeds with different credentials, even when they are served from the same directory).

      That said, your solutions would work as well, but I would like to chose the solution with the lowest impact to the user (thereby no change in the UI at all).

      I would be happy accept your contribution, if its working then :)