Feature Request: Cascaded Saved Searches

Ron Todd
  • Ron Todd
    Ron Todd

    I truly appreciate the richness of the feature set in RSSOwl, but would like to see a feature extension that would make the product much more useful for my, and I think many more people’s, application.

    I would like to have a Saved Search be able to take as input (“Search in:”) another Saved Search (or, in the more general case, a folder containing a combination of Saved Searches, feeds, or folders).

    Among other advantages, this feature would facilitate centralized maintenance of search conditions which are reused in multiple Saved Searches. The centralized maintenance would be achieved by making a Saved Search with all of the search conditions that are in common, upon which additional searches can be defined that each limit the scope of the result differently. Here is an example:

    Find C      Find D      Find E
       ^          ^           ^
        \         |          /
         \        |         /
          \       |        /
           \      |       /
             Find A or B

    Find C produces (A or B) and C
    Find D produces (A or B) and D
    Find E produces (A or B) and E

    If I want to update all of these to find (A or F) instead of (A or B), I only have to make a change in one place. Right now I would have to replicate the (A or B) conditions in each of my Find C, D, and E searches, and change all 3 to update B to F.

    This feature extension entails tracking the dependency of each Saved Search on other Saved Searches, ordering the sequence of Saved Search updates per the dependencies, and flagging circular references; much the same way that Excel and other spreadsheets do with formulas.

    Ideally, I would like to see highlighting based on the aggregate of all keywords used at all lower level searches though the current level. This is similar to what Quick Search does now (on Saved Search results, albeit only for simple searches that can’t be saved).