Lucene / DB4O replacement

  • xmw

    I've seen through the forums several questions regarding a way to replace db4o
    (mainly so that it can be used in commercial applications). I saw at one point
    you said that lucene may be a replacement. Is that also a db? or just the
    search engine? How much would be involved to just use Lucene? or replace db40
    with eclipselink/derby or something else with better license?

    I would be willing to sponsor this change with a few hundred $$. What do you
    say Ben?

  • genodeftest
    2011-04-18 says RSSOwl
    is using db4o (Database) and lucene (Search engine) as of 2.0

  • db4o is currently not easy to replace and there is no plans in the near future
    to do it, its much embedded into the overall code I fear.

  • Whats the rationale behind your request btw. You can also drop me a mail if
    its private.

  • xmw

    Reasoning is simple: I don't like db40 commercial license :)

    There are many other alternatives (apache cayenne, eclipselink, hibernate,
    etc) that would be better suited licenses. i hope you would reconsider - again
    I'm willing to sponsor.

    If not I may take on the challenge myself (but would prefer not to).

    Thanks for considering - you have done an amazing job with this - it really is
    the best rss reader on the market.