Feature Request: Change tile line

  • Nick Iacovelli
    Nick Iacovelli

    I am searching a lot of deals sites, i recommend a feature of filter and
    search to take the current title and add the price info to the first field
    this way when sorting by titles i will see everything that duplicated in

  • That seems like a very specific feature for your case, or is the price part of
    the RSS field in some element?

  • Nick Iacovelli
    Nick Iacovelli

    think about it this way you have a title line and there is a word or price in
    the line you copy the price or word to the start of the tilte you can then
    sort on the title line to eliminate the dupe samples

  • Nick Iacovelli
    Nick Iacovelli

    another way

    create a dummy title line like in catagory

    say a title has laptop we can filter on the word lap top we get everything
    that shows laptop that fine and it could lead to 1000 of laptop then we can
    filter of it memory but how do we filter on laptop memory and price if it
    created in a new title catagoy then i can sort on something like these field
    in title price, memory ,device the key in most of these deal news RSS is PRICE
    if i cant sort on price then i still end up with dupes. there probably other
    ways of eliminating all the dupes in rss i don't know of any

  • Nick Iacovelli
    Nick Iacovelli

    another way to remove duplicate feed

    take the title line

    sort the words in the line

    create a new dummy title that have alphabetical words

    but in a new header called alphabetical tilte just like category is listed

    do not use sort word like by and or to if it in the tilte

  • Ed Gas
    Ed Gas

    @nickhere: I think, Yahoo Pipes is more
    suitable for your purpose. Check out some tutorial videos.

  • Nick Iacovelli
    Nick Iacovelli

    PIpe might work . It is a bit over my head . A pipe like feature built into
    owl would make owl so much better