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New folder options

GG Badoi
  • GG Badoi
    GG Badoi

    I used NewzCrawler and switched recent to RSSOwl.

    Some options will be useful for RSSOwl:

    1. Auto collapse folder when leaving it

    2. Mark all feeds as read only when switching channels, not when leaving enclosing folder
      (Now, when collapsing other open folders, all channels in current folder are
      marked as read, which is annoying)

    Another suggestion:

    1. Keep news as unread in search folders, even when referring news are read.


    1. makes sense. I dont understand 2., can you give a more concrete example? And 3. would only confuse users for sure, whats the use case?
  • GG Badoi
    GG Badoi

    Option 2: When clicking another top folder, all news in current
    folder/subfolders are marked "read", including non visited feeds.

    I am not English speaker, so I recorded 2 sessions (AVI format):

    RSSOwl session:


    NewzCrawler session:


    Option 3: I agree, this would confuse some users, but it can be implemented as

    It would be useful because now when leaving feed all searched items are marked
    as read, so you can lose some unread news.


  • genodeftest

    sorry, your videos on megaupload.com are not available (for me)

  • I can see your problem here but its just a configuration thing. You have
    configured RSSOwl to mark the news as read when switching feeds, you can
    easily turn this off from the preferences. You can even turn it off just for
    the folder but still enable it for inidividual feeds if you want.

  • In other words, what you see as behavior is not the default behavior.

  • GG Badoi
    GG Badoi

    Thank yow, I agree.

    But to acquire the behavior I need I must configure each feed to mark "news as
    read when switching feed". I have 200+ feeds, so in not so handy!

    I still think that splitting this option in two: folder level behavior and
    feed level behavior can be useful.