delete a single news

  • how delete a single news, not a Categoy or a Feed?
    I don't understand this. Sorry, I am stupid!

    • I think I must have missed something in general about RSS. I don't understand the reasoning for not deleting single news items.
      A lot of the blogs I follow generate quite a lot of entries with only a few being relevant or interesting in the long term. (To me) it would make sense to delete all the entries I don't find interesting as I read/scan through - leaving a history of useful entries - a bit like keeping a note book.
      I guess there must be another (preferred) way of achieving the same result but I haven't been able to figure it out.
      Any guidance would be appreciated.

      • I agree. Stay tuned for the next major release of RSSOwl. A lot will change in this direction too.


    • You are not, because deleting news is not supported.