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Yahoo News Searches - Only 10 ?

  • Hey folks -

    Fantastic work on this program ! I have to monitor a lot of different custom news feeds every day for work, and I've set up about 30 different Yahoo custom news feeds. I set each feed to display the top 100 results, when I click through the web link I place into RSSOwl it shows 100 results, but within RSSOwl it only displays 10 results per feed. I know in other threads people say that RSSOwl displays whatever the feed sends it, but in every way that I can check it should be displaying 100 articles. The weird thing is that my non-Yahoo feeds display over 10 articles just fine. Any ideas, either Yahoo or RSSOwl specific ?

    Thanks very much -
    matthew_lawlor at hotmail dot com

    • Hi Matt,

      please give some example URLs of your yahoo feeds so that I can check it out.


    • Hallo!

      First: My english is not so good, I' m from Germany.

      I have the same problem at a other feed. My old RSS-Reader "Snarfer" shows tons of results (more as 100), but RSSOwl shows only 15 results. RSSOwl deleting the oldest results automaticly! It's a limitation to showing only 15 results. This is so bad.


      The same with this:

      What can I do????

      Ronald E.

      • Please try RSSOwl 2:

        RSSOwl1 is not remembering old News.