A few problems in RSSOwl 1.1.3

  • Hi.

    I'd like to let you know about some problems that I'm having with v1.1.3 and they are rather annoying.

    1) Favorites:
    Is it possible to let them stay opened (pin down). I keep pressing F11 every time I open RSSOwl and I just want them to stay open, so I select manyally whech feed to update, since I don't use automatic aggregation.

    2) Sorting by date:
    Pretty much all of the feeds I receive are correctly sorted by date the way I like them, which is newest on top, oldest at the bottom. However, Toms Hardware feed always does the opposite, i.e. newest at the bottom. I keep sorting it, but it never stays the way I want it to.


    3) Dilbert feed: Every time I open a link, it just bombs out of browser and I have to go back to feed and re-select the link. Then it works. I suppose it's something to do with pop-up on this site.


    I use WinXP Pro SP2, RSSOwl 1.1.3, Sun JRE 5.0 Update 4.

    Thank you in advance and best regards.

    • Hi,

      The Favorites panel should stay open if you dont close it. This is part of the settings, RSSOwl is saving on exit. Could you check what happens when you close RSSOwl while Favorites are visible? The next time you start RSSOwl they should be visible.

      Has been reported before and will be fixed in upcoming RSSOwl 1.2.

      I am not seeing any Popups. Could you check that "Block Popups" is checked in Browser-Preferences? But even with that option disabled, I am not seeing any popup showing up.


    • Hi Ben.

      1) Yep, I do have a user.xml file. Thing is, I don't use "C:\Documents and Settings". I actually moved and renamed this folder to "C:\WINXP\Profiles\", so the path to XML file looks like this:


      File "rssowllog.log" is empty and doesn't log anything.

      3) I think I know why it happens. I removed IE (with the help from nLite), but left IE Core files only. So I suppose RSSOwl internal browser needs something from IE itself and only for what on Dilbert's site.

      BTW, is it possible to use Gecko engine for internal browser on Windows platform, with the help of Mozilla ActiveX Control?

      Something similar to FeedDemon's option:

      Thou I don't know how he did it. :)

      Thank you again for your help Ben and best regards.


    • Hi.

      Thank you for reply.

      1) Nope, doesn't stay. I have Toolbar, Quickview, Favorites selected. Close RSSOwl, open again and it still shows nothing. Where are those steeing saved? is it registry or ini type file?

      2) Great. Looking forward to new version.

      3) Well, I assumed there're popups on that site. :)
      I mainly use Firefox for browsing.

      Thank you for your help.

      • 1.
        Strange! Settings are saved in "C:/Documents and Settings/your.name/.rssowl/user.xml". Is there any? It is also containing your list of favorites and all other settings.
        Can you also look in the "logs" folder if anything is logged.

        Sorry since I cant reproduce anything I cant fix anything. Btw RSSOwl is using the IE as internal Browser.