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    I noticed some misbehaviour when viewing feeds in newspaper mode, showing only
    articles that are unread. Upon clicking "delete", some items trigger the news
    tab to go blank after them. Some of them have tables in it, some don't, but I
    guess there is something wrong with their HTML (many of them are apparently
    created from templates, because it happens every time with a new news of this
    type, like this "Webwatch" item). After the ones with tables in it, formatting
    of the following elements is also incorrect:

    (Feed URL of Hardwareluxx is http://www.hardwareluxx.de/index.php/rss/feed/3

    Unread news after the deleted ones are not deleted, but are still accessible
    after switching to another feed and back. Deleting misformatted news from
    bottom to top is also possible, but a bit annoying for items that are larger
    than screen height.

    I think this just needs correct termination of HTML tags after each item, so
    that one news cannot affect the other one.

  • Yes, broken HTML from news can harm rssowls layout. There is no plan to
    address this issue.

  • Bzzz

    Oh that's very kind of you ;) :P

    Just for the record, this is one example of breaking RSSOwl: