Monospaced font anyone?

S. Keller
  • S. Keller
    S. Keller

    I have a question regarding an ideal font for reading.

    Perhaps you find this picky but think about twice: For fast reading I would like to have a special font which is readable and take no space. The default non-serifs (Arial, Helvetica, Carthago, etc.) do this job perfectly.

    But: I am convinced that readability can be enhanced, when bold (= unread items) and normal take the same space. This is only the case in so called monospaced fonts.

    Does anyone know of such a font for Windows (besides Courier)?

    • Hm I was always using Courier in such a situation, e.g. when displaying source code.

      Sorry, I am not aware of other Monospace Fonts :(


    • Xavier Robin
      Xavier Robin

      Perhaps the Vera Sans Mono ?
      You can find it here :