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How to keep all rss messages?

  • How to keep all rss messages? It seems that the software delete all old rss messages and only keeping most updated. Is there any way to do that?

    • This is currently not yet supported. RSSOwl is showing News as they come from the Feed.


    • 56KSurfer

      Will it be implemented? Maybe a selectable option for each feed. Could be usefull for fews items you want to keep.

      • Yes it will be implemented, but dont expect it to be in RSSOwl very soon, it requires a lot of work.


    • This is the one thing I don't like about RSSOwl, and the reason I'm still using FeedReader. We were about to recommend RSSOwl to our business partners, until someone mentioned this problem.


      Could this help solve this problem?

      • What a cool idea! Unfortunately I am getting XML errors when trying to read BoingBoing over that service.


        • Ah I think that service is only working for RSS feeds. BoingBoing is based on RDF.