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Don't do this and help!

  • Sami Mikhail
    Sami Mikhail

    Not sure how I managed this.
    I will report the problem, then I will ask for help.

    (this is under Windows XP w/ version 1.0)
    I somehow managed to get two (2) instances of rssOwl running minimized.
    I decided to close one instance (the older one I think.)
    Got the "Program not responding" windows message, chose to terminate. Both instances terminated -- with prejudice as it turns out.
    When I restarted rssOwl, my favorites are all gone. (rssOwl started with the favorites view gone, I selected it from view meny to show it again.)
    I re-installed from 0.9b in the hope of getting the default favorites. Did not work. I upgraded to 1.0. did not work. Still can't see any favorites.

    The request for help:
    Assuming that I can recreate the default favorites set that came with the original installation. Could somebody export them to a *.opml and forward them to me?
    Or is there a better way to approach this?

    No, no, I'm not embarassed at all. :}

    • Sami Mikhail
      Sami Mikhail

      Additional: Found that when I blew out my user directory (~home/.rssowl) rssOwl generated a new set of favorites for me. So don't worry about sending me OPML or anything.

      I'll probably be able to find the stuff I lost...

      • Hi Sami,

        I am really sorry to hear that. Running two instances of RSSOwl at the same time should normally be no problem, although the second closed RSSOwl will always overwrite the things that have changed in the first closed RSSOwl.

        But in your case, RSSOwl was not terminating the normal way, so I guess RSSOwl had no chance to save settings, like doing when exiting the normal way.

        When deleting the .rssowl folder, RSSOwl starts up as if first started, with all default favorites and default settings.