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incorrect date(s) displayed for some feeds?

  • I believe this problem happened, albeit rarely, with earlier versions of RSSOwl. However, I'm beginning to see it very frequently now that I'm using the 1.1.1 version.

    What I'm seeing is that some entries from certain feeds are showing incorrect dates w/in RSSOwl, while looking at the actual xml data (with my untrained eye) they look correct.

    Some examples of ones where I see this quite frequently are as follows:

    http://rss.com.com/2547-12-0-20.xml (CNet News)

    I see the newer entries at slyck as being dated 12/31/69 10:00pm, and the ones at CNet as 1/1/70 1:00am. I have saved the XML files that I am currently seeing at the above URL's to my local drive. I also have some screen grabs of what I'm seeing in RSSOwl. I can send them to one of the devs if desired.

    Not too major a problem, just shuffles stuff around out of order...


    • Hm, I am getting valid dates, except for one entry from the CNET News, which abnormally places a colon after the Month, in this case "Tue, 24 May, 2005 11:02:00 PDT".

      But anyways, RSSOwl should, in case the date is not parseable, just display it as is. And it is doing so when I am now viewing the feed.

      Please send me the saved feeds, that show the problem.


    • Should be coming your way now. Thanks Ben!