Offline Full Content + search?


  • Anonymous

    Hi, i'm looking at various rss reader apps, and i'm considering your software,
    but I have pretty important question.

    rssowl seems to be able to archive articles for offline reading, but i'm not
    sure how to use it to read full articles offline.

    My primary purpose for the program is to store many news articles offline and
    access them via the search function in order to write speeches on various

    tl;dr: how do I view full articles offline

    ps: i'd also like to know how transferable the archive system is, for instance
    if i have another computer i'd like to read my saved news on, can i save my
    data to a flash drive or something and transfer it somewhere else, and view it
    as usual (all offline)


  • Anonymous

    Also, if this is currently impossible, would anyone mind linking me to
    developer information for making addons to rssowl?

    I have some java experience and would not mind doing this.

  • genodeftest


    How RSSOwl does handle feeds (very short version):

    1. it downloads the feed (RSS or Atom), parses into articles, stores to database
    2. if you open an article, RSSOwl's internal browser (provided by XULRunner, the core of Firefox) will read this article like a HTML page – loading CSS, JS, Images, Flash, … from the web if necessary.
    3. if you use the internal browser and click on URLs in articles XULRunner will act like any ordinary browser

    RSSOwl saves the feed contents in its database. The search will only be able
    to find content from those feeds.

    for developer information see and
    – help
    appreciated, but RSSOwl is quite complex so you will need some time to
    understand how it works.

  • genodeftest

    and: to store the other contents (CSS, JS, Images, Flash, further HTML, …)
    locally, you will need to download them with something like wget and set up
    some kind of proxy providing this data locally for RSSOwl's integrated


  • Anonymous

    Sounds good, for my purposes, I don't need any eye candy (js, CSS etc) just
    search able text.

    Could I have RSS owl tack on the full article text to whatever is usually
    saved for the purposes of searching?

    Or is an add on not allowed to touch the archival process?

  • genodeftest

    Sorry, I don't understand what you mean. Can you please explain it?


  • Anonymous

    like when you say

    "How RSSOwl does handle feeds (very short version):

    1. it downloads the feed (RSS or Atom), parses into articles, stores to database

    could you add functionality that scrapes the html that an article points to,
    and add the plaintext to the file associated with the text of what rssowl
    considers an article

  • genodeftest

    Yes, you should be able to do so. Or maybe even directly read this HTML from
    RSSOwl's database – so you could use your own standalone application with
    nothing but read access to RSSOwl's database, extracting the feed content.
    should be a good
    point to start understanding the Database structure and/or db4o. Note that
    RSSOwl currently uses db4o 6.1 which may or may not be incompatible with
    current releases.