404 errors

  • I keep on getting 404 errors on http://ombelico.de which are caused by the User-Agent "RSSOwl/1.0 (Windows; U; de)".
    The urls the agent tries to access look like /rom/buecher/+B%C3%BCcher+rss+OR+rdf+OR+atom+OR+newsfeed+OR+weblog+OR+blog&hl=de", which aren't listed within the body or the head.
    Does anyone know why?

    • Hm, this looks like a result from the Newsfeed Searchengine in RSSOwl. When results are coming for a search, RSSOwl is checking if the result points to a valid newsfeed, and in case a 404 is returned, does not show the result.

      This is because, the search is based on a searchengine, which may not return newsfeeds in any case.

      Is this behaviour somehow a problem for your domain, or where you just curious how so much 404 where produced from RSSOwl?


    • Hi Ben,

      I don't think it is a problem.
      I noticed it only because the 404 page is configured to inform me via email if a 404 happens (of course with a definition of exceptions).

      I was just wondering why they occur.

      • Ah ok.
        Hm, in that case someone was searching for "Bcher" (books) in RSSOwl's feed searchengine. The searchengine returned your page as result, tried to parse it as feed, and got a 404. This maybe, because the searchengine was listing that URL once, but was not updating it to a new URL or removed it.

        How often is this 404 happening a day?