Feeds not loading

  • Hi Dont know what has occured but started using the reader and everything was fine. However all of a sudden the feeds stopped displaying.

    I was in the process of running the feed search tool.

    In case the files had been corrupted some how I reinstalled all files, but still not working.

    I am on J2SDK 1.4.2_05 and win2Kpro

    • A workaround for anyone who has got the same problem I found that deleting all the entries in documents and settings\%user%.rssowl cleared my problem - however I have now reverted to the original set of sample feeds.

      Its Ok i exported the list to am OPML file

      Opps no its not; the import or the export doesnt work correctly, only one feed returned! Lots of feeds exported.

      • Could it be that you are sitting behind a proxy server?

        Please open seperate bug reports for the feeds not loading problem and the OPML import/export problem.